Perth has many things to offer visitors and tourists—starting from its stunning sceneries and landscapes, delightful food and wine, lively festivals and events and awesome tourist spots.

Moving to higher grounds and kicking it off to the next level, Oktoberfest 2011 will be the most anticipated event of Aussies—offering over 100 Bavarian wenches, 75 roaming acts, plenty of food and novelty stalls and booths and plus, a beer hall that can accommodate over 3,000 of Oktoberfest lovers and where there would also be a stage entertainment to complete this awesome beer experience throughout the 16 days of Oktoberfest celebration.

Mark your calendar on the 23rd of October and enjoy the Munich-like celebration of Oktoberfest. The marquees, similarly organized to Germany’s halls will cater areas that are exclusive for food, beer tasting and music. Oktoberfest 2011 organizers are expecting to draw between 5000-10,000 people. Moreover, the said event is restricted only for people aged 18 and above and tickets are about $50.